At Scrap 'N Friends, we have monthly painting classes.  Our classes are small groups, 6-16 people so you get personal attention.  If you have at least 6 people -up to 16- we can book a private painting party just for you!  Whether it be a birthday party -kids, teens or adults-, church group, Red Hats, bridal shower -consider a painting party for your special function.  Snacks and drinks can be carried in. Special paintings or colors can be requested. All of our paintings are done on high quality stretched frame canvases with acrylic paint. Choose from past paintings below or contact the store if you have an idea! 

This could be your group! We specialize in small group settings and fun music -themed when possible. 

Sledding at Our House! Mixed Media: $40, Saturday, November 25th. Anytime between 10-3. Reserve your sled! 937-833-2600

Dandelions: 12x12, $20 Mixed Media.  Past class. 

Welcome Winter: 12x12, $20 class.  

Reindeer! Past class, 12x12 canvas, $20.

 Starry Silhouette; Past class, $20, 11x14

Me Tree: 11x12, $20.  This class is very personalized.  Pick your background color, your trunk color (your arm and hand outline) and your leaves (thumbprints).  No need for 6 people to do this class.  Can be individual or smaller groups.  A great present from a kid! (Adult help required). 

HOME: 16x20 wood project, $25.  Booking seats, Thursday, November 16th, 6:00. Multi-media
Patriotic Sky: 11x14, $20.  Past Class.

 Under the Sea, $30, 16x20, 2.5 hour class. Past class. Available now for private parties of 6 or more! Can be modified to an 11x14 class for $20

Moonshine: 11x14, $20.  Past class

Butterfly: 5x7, $10. Available for large and small groups. 

Under My Umbrella: Past class, 11x14, $20. 

Curli-Q Tree:  Past class, $20, 12x12. More background colors to choose from. 

Sunrise Beach; Past class, 11x14, $20. 


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